所属专题:小学六年级英语试题  来源:沪江小学资源网    要点:英语期末试题  
编辑点评: 终于到期末考啦~!但是期末考完快放假了学习也不能松懈哦,还需要定期做做习题复习巩固学过的知识点,尤其是下学期即将面临小升初升学考试了,更需要加油!小编为大家整理准备了小学六年级上册英语期末试卷试题,帮助大家温故知新,学习步步提高!

一、 选出划线部分读音与其余三个不同的单词。(8分)

必威app软件 ( )1.A.this B. thank C.that D.there

必威app软件 ( )2. A.sports B.plates C.grapes D.that’s

( )3. A.vase B.stand C.after D.father

( )4. A.puppet B.brush D.puzzle

( )5. B.flower C.brown D.down

( )6. B.behind C. chess D. bed

( )7. A.ride B.ring C. with D.milk

( )8. A.home B.go C.oval D. song


1. I ______ a new mask . My brother ________ a pumpking lantern.(have)

2.There are some ___________ on the table .(glass)

必威app软件 3. Do you have ___________ story book? (some)

4.He’s ______________ the windows and doors.(clean)

5.Nancy and I don’t like _______________.(swim)

6.Look! Miss Gao has some tins of _____________.(fish)

必威app软件 7.The ___________ are near the tent.(child)

8.They are in the big tree . Let’s go and help _________.(they)


必威app软件 1.喜欢看报____________________



必威app软件 4.上一节美术课________________


必威app软件 6.弹钢琴______________________


必威app软件 8.互相帮助 __________________




( )1.—You have a nice coat.

必威app软件 --________.

必威app软件 A.Yes, it’s nice. B.Thank you. C.OK. D.You’re right.

必威app软件 ( )2. -- _______ he like PE?

-- Yes,he _________.

A.Do; do B.Does;do C. Does ;does D. Do;does

( )3.—How much are these things?

-- _____________.

A. Forty—five yuan B.Yes,they are. C.Here you are.

必威app软件 D. No , they aren’t.

( )4.—Where’s Helen?

必威app软件 --She __________ under the tree.

必威app软件 A.standing sitting C.sits D.has

( )5.Let’s buy some cards ______ our friends.

必威app软件 A.for C.of

( )6.-- _____ in your box?

必威app软件 --Some fruits.

A.Who’s B.Where’s C.What’s D.Which is

必威app软件 ( )7.I have some ______ in the bottle.

必威app软件 A.pineapple B.oranges C.grapes D.pears

必威app软件 ( )8.—What’s your mother ?

必威app软件 --She’s __________.

A.tall B.forty C.a driver D. fat

( )9.—What shape is the box?

必威app软件 --It’s ____________.

A. a heart B.yours D.nice

( )10._______ any newspapers in the reading room?

A.Is there B.There is C.Are there D.There are


必威app软件 1.本,你能做什么?


__________ _______you _________, Ben?

I can ____________.

必威app软件 2.我父母星期天不上班。

My ________ _________ work ________ ________.


必威app软件 有许多树和一所学校。

__________ _________ your ____________?

__________ ________many ____________ and a school.



必威app软件 Who _______ a __________?

必威app软件 I _________ one.

必威app软件 5.体育活动房在一楼。

The ________ hall is on the __________ __________.


必威app软件 _______ you __________ ________?



必威app软件 __________ ________ you like?

必威app软件 I like _______________.


必威app软件 On Sundays we often go to the ___1____ near our school. There are many____2_____ in it----tigers, elephants, pandas and monkeys. The ____3_____are very big. They all have ____4_____noses. Their noses can ___5_____ them eat and drink. Tigers are very____6_____. They often run about. They don’t like to ____7_____in the zoo. Many people like ____8_____.They are animals of China. But I like monkeys most(最). We like __10_____ to the zoo . We can____8_____ more (更多) about animals there.

( )1.A.park C.zoo D.the shop

必威app软件 ( )2. A.people B.children C.animals D.things

( )3. A.elephants B.tigers C.pandas D.monkeys

必威app软件 ( )4. A.long B.short D.small

( )5. A.give C.make D.get

必威app软件 ( )6. A.strong B.hungry C.happy D.careful(小心)

( )7. C.walk

( )8. A.elephants B.pandas C.tigers D.monkeys

( )9. A.go B.going C.are going D.goes

必威app软件 ( )10. A.see C.get D.know


必威app软件 Mr Brown lives in a nice house in a small town with his wife(妻子) , Mrs Brown. From Monday to Friday he works in an office near his house. He is free on Saturdays and Sundays. He has a nice garden beside his house. He likes growing flowers and he often works in the garden on Saturdays and Sundays. The flowers are very beautiful and Mrs Brown likes them very much. She often helps Mr Brown.

必威app软件 ( )1. Mr Brown lives in _________with his wife.

必威app软件 A. a city B. a small town C. a big town

( )2. He works_________ days a week in his office.

必威app软件 A. four B. five C. six

必威app软件 ( )3. He isn’t _________on Saturdays and Sundays.

必威app软件 A. free B. busy C. happy

必威app软件 ( )4. He likes _________ on Saturdays and Sundays.

A. working in his garden B. walking in his gardon

必威app软件 C. looking at his garden

( )5. Mrs Brown _________ the flowers.

A. like B. doesn’t like C. often helps





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