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编辑点评: 作文的写作靠的是同学们平时点点滴滴的积累,而英语作文则更是如此,小编特意为同学们整理了小学英语作文系列,并配以英文原声音频,供大家学习诵读。


第一段开头句:I felt very bad early today went wrong.
第二段开头句:Then in the I found that I brought a test book and no pen.
第三段开头句:I when I got home became much better.

I felt very bad early today because went wrong.
In the my clock didn't work and I didn't went school on time.
In the my mum was angry and at me.She thought I went to bed too late last night.
On the way to school it started to rain and I forgot to bring my .
必威app软件 What bad luck!

Then in the classroom I found that I brought a wrong test book and no pen.
When I was eating my lunch I found the rice taste and there was a in my apple.
In the afternoon my felt .
必威app软件 It must be the sour rice.How could this be!

when I got home everything became much better.
My stomach was fine and my mother prepared a dinner for me.
After dinner I had a nice hot bath.
Right now I felt great.
I hope everything can be fine .





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