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编辑点评: 故事作为一种最受儿童喜欢的文字形式,故事对于孩子来说有特殊的吸引力。一些好的故事,他们可以百听不厌。床边英语小故事,每天睡前读一篇。让各种精彩的小故事,伴你进入梦乡。
【The Farmer and the Donkey】农夫与驴子
There once was a farmer who wanted to buy a donkey.
He wanted a hardworking one that could help him on his farm. 
He went to a market and saw one that looked perfect.
“May I try out his donkey for a day or two?” asked the farmer.
“If he is hardworking, I will pay you a good price.”
“Of course you may,” said the seller. “I’m sure that he will please you.” The farmer thanked the seller and took the donkey back to his farm.
When they arrived, the new donkey joined the other animals on the farm.
He placed himself beside the fattest, laziest donkeys there. 
The farmer shook his head and took him back to the seller.
“Show me another donkey,” said the farmer. “I don’t want this one.”
He told the seller about what the donkey had done.
“I don’t understand,” said the seller. “What’s wrong with standing beside lazy donkeys?”
“Well,” said the farmer, “you can understand a lot about someone if you look at the friends he chooses.”

1.   adj. 完美的,理想的
2.     v.(pay-paid-paid)付,支付
3.    n. 价格,价钱
4.    n. 卖方,卖家
5.    v. 到达,抵达
6.     v. 参加
7.    v. 安置,安放
【Language Notes】英语补给站
1、What’s wrong with…?    ...怎么了?
What’s wrong with + N.   或  What’s wrong with + v-ing
Eg:What’s wrong with your scooter?
Eg:What’s wrong with eating pizza for breakfast?



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